Clubs for Schools has one aim, to give all children access to expert coaching.

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Parents, teachers and coaches have told us everything needs to be easier and cheaper whilst still providing a great experience that is fun.

So we’ve created a triple win. Parents pay less, coaches earn more (low cost web platform, while lower prices also mean more participants) and the whole process is simpler for schools yet still fun and hugely beneficial for children.


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Manage all your clubs in one place! Choose from a huge range of clubs from breakfast, lunch or after schools clubs, from gymnastics clubs to tri-golf!

  • Clubs take less than 90 seconds
  • Clubs start from just £3.75 per session*
  • Online bookings for parents
  • Promotional flyers for you to download, instantaneously
  • Live registers
  • Specialist coaches



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Specialist coaches at affordable prices! Our clubs are a great opportunity for your children to try new sports and reap the benefits of living an active life.

  • Clubs from just £3.75 per session
  • Online bookings in just a few clicks
  • Expert coaches in a huge variety of different sports




Earn more money for your hard work! No more franchises taking huge chunks of profit and paying you a pittance.Coach Giving Team Talk To Elementary School Soccer Team

  • The more participants, the more you earn.
  • After the Clubs for Schools commission, a full club will earn you up to £54 per hour
  • The money is paid directly into your bank account


It really is as simple as that!


*£4.75 for gymnastics and martial arts, £6 for archery and £10 for fencing