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Exercise: The no. 1 prescription for depression

You’re feeling tired and stressed or depressed and anxious, so you do less because you ‘can’t be bothered’. You feel more drained, down and now useless simply because you haven’t done anything. This leads onto you doing even less and rapidly being caught up in this damaging cycle. Initially, it can be painfully unattainable to … Continued

Have you got sitting disease?

Do you have sitting disease? 5.3 million deaths globally a year are linked to sedentary lifestyles (which if you wondered is more than the amount of deaths linked to smoking)! That’s a lot. The most ironic thing about it is that these deaths are caused by simply doing nothing! We’re increasingly told that being inactive … Continued

No equipment necessary!

Sometimes the office life can wear you down physically as well as mentally. Mulling this problem through with my colleague Paul, we realised how completely sedentary we had become during the day. Bum on seat. All day except at lunch. So, this is what we do now… On the hour EVERY hour the office alarm … Continued

“PE is a joke”

I asked Gemma, a ten-year-old girl, what she thought about PE at a local primary school. She said, “It’s boring. We do more exercise in the playground during break time.

Second, Minute, Hour

I was three years into coaching and delivering PE within primary schools when I first questioned the delivery of my sessions after a visit to a coaching assessment day.

It’s Groundhog Day, again!

Most of us in life follow the strict and repetitive cycle of our day-to-day routines. Wake up, go to work, go home, have dinner, go to bed, wake up, and here we go again, REPEAT 5 times over.